Shaolin martial arts

Shaolin martial arts

Health is the most important thing in people’s lives, so it is necessary to keep it in good condition. There are various ways of improving health – diets, sports, yoga but also there are martial arts. Actually, martial arts are one part of the way of life – you learn discipline, hard-working, you increase your mental strength but you also improve your health. In this article, you will find out about Shaolin martial arts.Shaolin-summary_2377899k

Actually Shaolin Kung Fu is a group of Chinese martial arts that have a connection to the Shaolin Monastery, which was the place where these martial arts were developed and spread throughout China and around the world.
It is believed that Buddhist monks from India traveled to China to translate Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit and Mandarin are the ones who wore the original manuscripts that describe the martial arts came to be later known as Shaolin Kung Fu.

Regrettably, the Shaolin Temple was destroyed many times in its long history and during the Cultural Revolution and the Communist regime where clerics destroyed everything, the Shaolin Monastery was the wrath of many, and was burned and looted. Yet, somehow, we can see that the few monks who escaped were able to save this deep, the discipline to be completely erased and it spread throughout China and the Western world.

Shaolin in India
Thus, what began in India returned to India as Shaolin in India. yan-lei-shaolin-waterfallShaolin Kung Fu has become popular in India and many an Indian city has a school of Shaolin Kung Fu in full swing. Shaolin Kung Fu artists are a race entirely different with most of them totally dedicated to the art and years of spending in their learning and practice to perfection. Bringing India to the Shaolin is not an easy task as the Masters of these arts have also come and bring their knowledge and skills with them where they can give students here.

Shaolin Kung Fu since only see a single martial art form, but a group of them, artists and teachers must be shao1competent in all related forms to be able to transmit their knowledge and horizons Indians now different from life in this wonderful and powerful system of self-defense. Almost everyone can benefit from learning Shaolin Kung Fu, students, youth, ladies, security personnel, armed forces personnel, etc.


Thus, Shaolin Kung Fu school is finding its own brands and gradually changes to the success. Since none of the martial arts of Shaolin Kung Fu are violent, but should be used with humility and love as a means of self-defense, they go great with Indian cultural values and ideals. While teaching self-control most of the mind and body, energy is completely concentrated in a particular movement to prevent a danger to himself.

Young people, especially women, can greatly benefit from the knowledge and practice of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin in India will be completely successful with the benefits of learning the Shaolin Kung Fu flowed masses if more than Shaolin Kung Fu schools are open PAN India which strictly adheres to the standards and teach the pure Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts.

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Top Tips For Martial Art Fitness

Top Tips For Martial Art Fitness

If you’re a practicing martial artist that is seeking a means to enhance your martial arts fitness, but can’t get to the health club or dojo to do your training, what are you going to do? What suggestions are there for training for your martial art physical fitness that are effective and aid your progress? Well, if you continue reading, you’ll find some top ideas to help with your martial arts fitness program.

fighter girlThere are going to be times during your fighting style training that life will interfere and you cannot get to the health club or dojo to work out. You will require something that you could do at home, in your resort room, or at the office. As long as you exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes at a moderate to difficult level, there shouldn’t be any type of reason why working out by doing this shouldn’t be useful to your fighting styles training.

What’s the alternative to using devices when you’ve got none? Your very own body weight, that’s what. All you require is a straightforward effective program that makes use of all your major area groups in a quick, power zapping routine that shouldn’t take longer than half an hour. I call this my “Go Anywhere Broadband Program.” I do this with 2 points in mind. That it can be done anywhere, without tools, and it could be performed in half an hour.

This program targets your body core as well as major muscle groups. Start by doing 2 to 3 circuits, primarily, duplicating the group of workouts a couple of times in one session. The times I provide are aimed at the more advanced martial artist, but you can change them to your very own degree of physical fitness.


The Workout


  • Planks – One Minute
  • Side Plank – 60 seconds each side.
  • Hip Thigh Extensions – as many reps as possible.
  • Split Lunge – as many reps as possible.
  • T- Shape Rise – as many reps as possible.
  • Reverse Step Up – as many reps as possible.


After that, repeat all once more.


Description Of The Movements

women doing push ups


This reinforces your body core. Begin in a rise position with your arms extended, making sure your head and body remain in a straight line and hold this position.

Side Plank

This also reinforces your body core. Begin by going from the rise position and resorting to backwards to your left and putting your right arm in the air so you make a T-shape. Place your right foot on your left, to ensure that all you have in contact with the floor is the palm of your left hand and the side of your left foot. Keeping your body straight, hold this position. Repeat for the other side.

Hip Thigh Extensions

Lay on your back with your arms at a 45 level angle to your body, palms upwards. Bend your left leg until your left foot remains in line with your right knee. Keeping your right leg straight, lift your body off the floor about an inch. Then raise your body in a straight line up until your right knee remains in line with your left. Only your arms top back and left foot needs to be touch with the flooring. Do as many as possible, then repeat on the other side.

Split Lunge

Begin in a standing position, feet together, and put your hands on your head. Maintaining your back straight, with your left foot, progress in a larger than regular step and lower until your right knee is an inch off the floor. Raise yourself up, then lower on your own down once more. Do as many reps as possible. After that, repeat for the other side.

T-Shape Rise

Start in an extended raise placement, do a regular raise. When you arrive, transform backwards to your left, increasing your right arm up until you remain in a T shape. Return back to the rise placement and repeat the entire series for the opposite side. Do as many as you can.

Reverse Step Up

Begin by standing on a chair or 2nd step on some staircases. Move in reverse off the chair/step with your right leg and gently touch the flooring with your toes, then press back as much as a standing placement on the chair. Repeat with other side. Do as many as possible.

This is a great way to help you exercise for your martial art training, despite which martial art you do. I can honestly claim I have utilized this set of exercises and it has had a terrific impact in my kickboxing.

My motto has always been to train hard, so you can fight easy fight easy.

I, myself do workouts in the gym 4-5 days per week and use this workout when I’m in a pinch or can’t make it to the gym. It is possible to do workouts just like this and not step foot in a gym and still get great results. One thing I will recommend, especially to martial arts practitioners is to get yourself a pair of wrist wraps for weight lifting. These will help keep your wrists healthy which is vital for martial arts and keeping you healthy in the gym as well. My personal favorite are from a brand called Essential Fitness and you can visit their website to get yourself a pair if you need some.

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Tips for long life

Tips for long life

Keeping in better shape throughout your life is crucial as you want to live a long and active life. In case you discover that you have a difficult time keeping consistent with your entire physical fitness plan, then this post is ideal for you. Continue reading this post to find out just how you’ll improve your lifestyle in making your physical fitness and health a priority.positive_life_long_735_350

One vital change you will likely need to make for your way of life is improving your general level of physical action. One source of inspiration can be thinking about things you enjoyed from gymnasium class. Having a listing of at least 3 things you used to do which kept you in shape, and then ponder ways you may begin to take an active role in them.

If you have children, put them into your plans to remain fit. You can go with them for walks, play with them at the playground or maybe help them learn your favorite sports. You’ll find countless methods for you to make your kids focus whenever also working to keep in shape. The additional bonus is which you may be bonding together with your youngsters during this time, and you can be reinforcing in them that health is crucial. If you take the time for you to be active with them, they will be much more susceptible to be active after they become adults.

If you wish to keep fit through your life you definitely need to steer Staying-Healthy-Foreverclear of slumps during the wintertime months. Due to the absence of daylight and warmness, many of us become idle all through winter months, and place on additional weight because of it. If your weight varies all throughout the year you could be missing out on the advantages of living healthy through your life. To fight this possibility you need to plan beforehand exactly what you may do to stay active during the winter.

downloadSomething that many individuals forget is stretching out. Being flexible truly would suggest that you are stronger than most people aren’t. If you just take 2 minutes a day to stretch thoroughly you will see your strength increase a good deal, which is also good for your bone health. Stretching out is vital before and after exercising, but should also already been done at different points in time throughout the day for optimum results.


An additional side to a constructive physical fitness plan is generally to permit your body enough time to rest and get back following a session and an excellent way to perform this is simply by using a good massage chair every day.

There hundreds of ways to improve your health and to stay in shape. This article offers couple of them, but now that you have read all of this, you realize what is required to be in shape regularly. Now all you have to do is to use the knowledge you found in this article for long-life, health and fitness.

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Become More Centered In Your Life – Take Tai Chi Classes

Become More Centered In Your Life – Take Tai Chi Classes

Everything old is new again – this phrase is often applied to things like fashion and music fads, but history does have a way of recycling certain things so that they have a new life. When it comestai-chi (2) to tai chi martial art or discipline as they call it, it isn’t so much that you’re rediscovering an ancient art form – you’re discovering it for the first time even though it has lasted throughout history. It also evolved into several styles that are separated and equally recognized.

It isn’t really known how far back tai chi goes, but Tai-Chi-Shadows-imagewritten history has it appearing in its earliest form during the 16th century. Starting out as a martial art, time has dulled these more violent aspects of this exercise and created a graceful series of poses and postures that transition into one another seamlessly. It is internal martial art, developed in China and it’s practiced for health benefits but for defense training as well – that is why it is considered as martial art.

This is because there is no one form of tai chi and, depending on the one that you choose, you can be challenged by a more fast paced and rigorous iteration. The demands of this exercise have evolved over hundreds of years from a martial art into a series of poses and postures that engage a whole host of muscle groups throughout the body. It is interesting that this discipline has, like many others, different styles. There is 5 of them : Chen, Yang, Hao, Wu Sun, where Chen style is the oldest one. The difference is basically in speed, poses and hand orientation.


The stereotype of the typical tai chi practitioner is usually one of elderly people in a park. Indeed, this low impact activity is perfect for older exercisers, but it doesn’t exclude the young by being too easy or gentle on the body. There are different levels to this physical activity that can tai-chi (1)be faster paced and extremely difficult to master, not only slow movements are the principles of this art. Generally, when you mention tai chi to someone, a lot of people will imagine an old man, with gray long hair and goatee beard, who is wearing a solemn white uniform.

If need to compare this art with some sport, it is much like golf – this is a private activity in which you are only competing with yourself but unlike golf, however, you don’t have to spend outrageous amounts of money to partake in the activity in the first place. Also, golf isn’t being studied by scientists to discover its health benefits. Tai chi is far away from the golf – I just took a simple example.

Lowering blood pressure, anxiety, and symptoms of depression are just a few of examples of the long list of appealing side effects that are emerge during your practice. Discover how relaxed you can be at tai chi classes. Note that is very important not to skip classes !

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