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Everything old is new again – this phrase is often applied to things like fashion and music fads, but history does have a way of recycling certain things so that they have a new life. When it comestai-chi (2) to tai chi martial art or discipline as they call it, it isn’t so much that you’re rediscovering an ancient art form – you’re discovering it for the first time even though it has lasted throughout history. It also evolved into several styles that are separated and equally recognized.

It isn’t really known how far back tai chi goes, but Tai-Chi-Shadows-imagewritten history has it appearing in its earliest form during the 16th century. Starting out as a martial art, time has dulled these more violent aspects of this exercise and created a graceful series of poses and postures that transition into one another seamlessly. It is internal martial art, developed in China and it’s practiced for health benefits but for defense training as well – that is why it is considered as martial art.

This is because there is no one form of tai chi and, depending on the one that you choose, you can be challenged by a more fast paced and rigorous iteration. The demands of this exercise have evolved over hundreds of years from a martial art into a series of poses and postures that engage a whole host of muscle groups throughout the body. It is interesting that this discipline has, like many others, different styles. There is 5 of them : Chen, Yang, Hao, Wu Sun, where Chen style is the oldest one. The difference is basically in speed, poses and hand orientation.


The stereotype of the typical tai chi practitioner is usually one of elderly people in a park. Indeed, this low impact activity is perfect for older exercisers, but it doesn’t exclude the young by being too easy or gentle on the body. There are different levels to this physical activity that can tai-chi (1)be faster paced and extremely difficult to master, not only slow movements are the principles of this art. Generally, when you mention tai chi to someone, a lot of people will imagine an old man, with gray long hair and goatee beard, who is wearing a solemn white uniform.

If need to compare this art with some sport, it is much like golf – this is a private activity in which you are only competing with yourself but unlike golf, however, you don’t have to spend outrageous amounts of money to partake in the activity in the first place. Also, golf isn’t being studied by scientists to discover its health benefits. Tai chi is far away from the golf – I just took a simple example.

Lowering blood pressure, anxiety, and symptoms of depression are just a few of examples of the long list of appealing side effects that are emerge during your practice. Discover how relaxed you can be at tai chi classes. Note that is very important not to skip classes !

Author: Ashley Cox

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